2. Where do I change my password for my jobseeker account?

You need to be logged into your jobseeker account then follow the below steps to change your password.

  1. Find your first name located in the top-right of the page, then press it
  2. A dropdown menu will now appear
  3. In the dropdown menu, press the ‘My account’ button
  4. Your jobseeker account will now load
  5. Scroll to the ‘My account’ section of your jobseeker account
  6. Find the ‘Change password’ link, then press it
  7. The ‘Change password’ section of your jobseeker account will now load
  8. Select the ‘Current password’ box, then type your current password
  9. Select the ‘New password’ box, then type your new password
  10. Select the ‘Confirm new password’ box, then retype your new password
  11. Press the ‘Submit’ button
  12. The confirmation page will now load, and you have successfully changed your password