4. Can I change the email address connected with my jobseeker account?

You need to be logged into your jobseeker account then follow the below steps to change your email address connected with your jobseeker account.

  1. Find your first name located in the top-right of the page, then press it
  2. A dropdown menu will now appear
  3. In the dropdown menu, press the ‘My account’ button
  4. Your jobseeker account will now load
  5. Find the ‘Change email address’ link, then press it
  6. The ‘My account details’ page will now load
  7. In the ‘Change email address section’, select the ‘New email address box’, then type your email address which you would now want to relate to your jobseeker account
  8. Press the ‘Submit’ button
  9. The confirmation page will now load, and you have successfully changed your email address associated with your jobseeker account


Login again using your new email address to confirm the changes.

Your password will remain the same.