Responding to the business challenges of COVID-19

We stand together

At Hospitality Connect, we have supported our clients and candidates throughout the difficulties of the pandemic and will continue to do so as they reset and forge ahead into the future.

As part of a global organization we bring a wealth of intelligence from across all geographies, all sectors of the economy and every organizational function. Our strength lies in the partnerships we develop to address the needs of our clients and we form deep and lasting relationships with the most talented people in their respective fields. This enables us to provide access to a proven network of diverse and dynamic leaders capable of successfully navigating any organization out of the COVID-19 crisis and into the post-pandemic world.

As part of one of the world’s leading executive search providers, we have an important role to play in bringing about a world where inclusion, diversity, tolerance, and acceptance are a minimum expectation of companies, organizations, and their leaders. To this end we will use our global voice and network to help bring about equality and social justice, however we can.

A world of inclusion, diversity, tolerance and acceptance, is something that we will always strive for.

Peter Mukulu – Chief Connector

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